Here it comes…

Whether they know it or not the globalist movement is moving toward one goal.  The elimination of Israel.  The tiny little nation is geographically located at the center of the world.  It is the most strategic place for a centralized world government capital.  The muslim nation has desired this location for 1600 years.  No question the power brokers of the world would cherish the opportunity to have this as the base of operations.  One problem…Americans.

The Israeli defense system is impressive.  So much so that all of its surrounding neighbors have failed to intimidate or take them out.  But, Israel would be in a precarious position if its only Allie was neutralized.  I have believed for a long time that it wold take a disaster of some kind, or many more years of indoctrination to see the collapse of the United States.  Not now.  It is not changing by years or months, it is coming in days and hours and the world is already seizing on the breakdown.

January 20 will be the launch of the end of the America we know.  The signs are increasing.  Kim Jung Un declares he is building more nukes targeted at United States Cities.  China will move now to reverse all the restraints that have hindered them the last 4 years.  The China virus demonstrates that they are capable of causing worldwide chaos without firing a shot.  Russia will emerge soon to test and see what America will when they rattling their sabres.  Iran is spouting off about the collapse of the American system and threatening retaliation.   They see it.  The incoming American leadership is weak.  Even those that claim to be Patriots in the government.

The Pentagon appears to be concerned more with changing the names of military bases than the threats of global armament.  The incoming leadership has signaled that it will accelerate not toward unification and restoration of the system as founded but will continue to tear down the culture with gender confusion, climate confusion, immigration confusion, and the coordinated mantra that this is a systematically racist country. We must join the rest of the world.

This is not about Trump.  Trump was the last gasp hope to slow down the tidal wave of global domination. Its why it has been four years of desperation attempting to eliminate him.  He stood not just in the way of America, but of the world. The president of the United States was censored by the two emerging power brokers. The tech companies are hijacking the power.  They are taking over the airwaves.  They are aligned with government leaders and the state media with one goal, control.  Control of what?  I am not sure they know or they do and have not revealed it to the masses.   The idea of one world order living in peace may be their ultimate dream and rhetoric but ironically the only way to achieve that goal is a violent  take over of anyone that disagrees.    It has been the communist mantra for over 100 years now.  Here it comes.

I didn’t believe it could happen so quickly.  It has been building for many many years so maybe it is not as rapid as it appears.  The incoming leadership and its allies has every intent of destroying this country. There is no desire to return or continue the legacy of the founders.  It is to be transformed.  Into what?  Into man’s image.  The only way to accomplish that is by control and force.  One example.  Man is now controlled by the smart phone.  It tracks us, it informs us. It will soon replace cash. Buying and selling are tracked and controlled.  It will ultimately be all about food.  Not a wild speculation, it is here.  Corona Virus is a fortuitous test run. Any crisis will be exaggerated to allow for control of communities, families, churches. Acquiring food will be managed by those that determine the correctness of your loyalty. Here it comes.

What is the endgame?  Israel must be removed.  Why?  Because you can’t build a world system in man’s image as long as there are some that follow a higher power.  In this case a higher power that the globalists fear is true.  America as a culture has systematically been abandoning the grace of the Christ.  It’s the same move Adam made in the garden.  It doesn’t work.  But man is forever trying to eliminate the truth of obedience. The truth that surrendering to God is the only hope for the world.  America and Israel are in the way of man’s freedom.

Thinking or acting as if continuing to prepare for the future as the country has done for 200 years is futile.   There will be no return to America or the world.  The time is here to recognize the moment.  Embrace your family every single day. We are conditioned to see the future as way out there. It sounds alarmist, sensational, like panic even silly.  There is no coming world peace.  There is the truth that Jesus will never allow Israel to fall. The United States may be destroyed, but not the Jews.  The signs are everywhere.  Not that the sky is falling, but that the heavens will soon open and all will see the King coming to recapture, redeem, and restore His Kingdom and His people.  Here it comes.

I am not writing to win a political debate.  This is about the King desiring all of us to be ready.  This is the hour to share with love and compassion the truth that Jesus is the only hope for mankind. Look to the heavens, for there is our salvation.

About Bill Harbeck

Founder and Director of Holding on to Hope Ministries. A non-profit work that helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse unveil their past and begin the healing process. Author of the book Shattered; One Man's Journey from Childhood Sexual Abuse
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