Trump Represents Truth

At the urging of my dear friend Jim Whitmer, who left this broken world to be with The King last summer, I started writing in July of 2010.  Jim said to me back then, “Bill, this is the new platform to share your beliefs and ideas with others.  You should try it.”

Jim was right and I love writing about what is near to my heart and sharing it.  The writing is the key.  it is therapeutic.  It strengthens my faith.  As for a platform, if it validates what others believe then I hope readers are encouraged.

I have written several times over the last four years about the similarities between the pathway of Donald Trump and the story line of Jesus.   Look at the common theme. An outsider emerges on the scene challenging the status quo.  Those in power or control despise the very idea.  As time advances, the outsider gains a large faithful following.  He threatens the very existence of the system.  After trying several times to eliminate him the elites use all means necessary to discredit and eliminate the threat. 

Well the endgame has been achieved.  Through a whole coordinated effort on the part of the powerful elites, the threat has been removed.  It appears that without any obstacles those who crave and demand power and control are now firmly in place and here is where they desire to take the country.

-Total Gender Confusion.  Men can be women, women can be men…just say so.

-Sex with whomever, wherever, whenever…don’t question

-Suppression of religious freedom…Christians specifically

-Infusion and support of outsiders

-Deference to groups advocating for violence and rebellion 

-Drugs legalized to free the users to ignore reality

-Elimination of future human beings in the name of personal autonomy

-Confiscation of capital to establish and maintain control

-Suppression of those who speaks out against the ideas of those in control

-Elimination of the history and legacy of truth

-Systematic restructuring of the levers of power and control

-Communism is Socialism with a gun

Trump like Jesus represented everything that threatened the status quo’s desire for power. From the very beginning of their missions Jesus and Trump spoke directly to the people where life and reality reside.  When their popularity surged out of control, the threats had to be eliminated at all costs. In Jesus case death. 

In every civilization there must be laws.  Yesterday demonstrated that clearly.  You cannot just break in and damage property or hurt others because you don’t get your way even if you believe you are right.  We have embraced that reality for 400 years.  For the last 100 years the country has incrementally allowed those with very different ideas a stronghold in the culture and now the seats of power.  Using the system, they have indoctrinated the masses, infiltrated the power positions and replaced one set of elites with another. Game over.  Trumps gone.  But like Jesus the followers will not be eliminated nor the truth that evil will never triumph.  Jesus stomped on the head of Satan and Satan’s end is nearing.  Trump’s gone but the truth he may unwillingly have represented will go on.  Truth will aways be the standard, the law, the reality no matter how or who attempts to remove it or pretend it doesn’t exist. The truth is Jesus. He said it himself, “I am the way the TRUTH and the life.”  

Jesus will return.  Those words will raise the ire of every truth denier.  The idea that one day all will surrender to His authority will drive the hatred, the suppression, and the evil of those in charge to another level.  We may even see the resurrection of Emperor Nero.

Like many of my fellow followers of Jesus of Nazareth we do not have big platforms, we do not possess positions of power, we follow obediently the words of the master to speak kindness, to help those in need, and those that are broken.  We do it without the desire for recognition and acclaim.  We do it because that is what the Master asked us to do.  There are millions of us in this country and many more millions around the world.  I pray and hope for men like Peter and Paul that have the platforms, rise up to speak not of resistance or power, but truth.  It may mean imprisonment, or life itself.  It doesn’t matter.  We walk with the ultimate power of the universe.  We follow the one who conquered death and promised we will as well.  The country we knew is fading away, it is not coming back.  Doesn’t matter.  Jesus is restoring, redeeming, renewing everyday not in the media or worldwide stage but in the hearts of those that surrender their rebellious wills to grasp the free gift The King offers to all. The ultimate freedom.

Jesus will return us to His original design,  It will take courage on our parts here and now, heartache, pain, even death.  Be of good cheer we will never lose.

About Bill Harbeck

Founder and Director of Holding on to Hope Ministries. A non-profit work that helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse unveil their past and begin the healing process. Author of the book Shattered; One Man's Journey from Childhood Sexual Abuse
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