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The Taliban and the Chinese know American Civics 101

It seems to me that the Taliban, Isis, Isis K, Al Qaeda, the Iranians, Chinese, Russians, and even MS-13 all understand American Civics and Government better than 80 million people in the United States. Today our soldiers were attacked and … Continue reading

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Will Christian Education stay on the vine?

“The first great fact which emerges from our civilization is that today everything becomes “means”. There is no longer an “end”; we do not know whither we are going. We have forgotten our collective ends, and we possess great means; … Continue reading

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The times aren’t coming…the times are here…

The Chinese are chipping away.  Afghanistan is now in the Chinese sphere of influence.  With every stroke they are sculpting the future of the ultimate desire.  They have been waiting for 100 years for the obstacles in the way to … Continue reading

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