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So, who’s responsibility is it?

I was blessed to be in the field of education for 32 years.  Every single year the schools I was affiliated with performed fire drills to prepare both students and staff for safe exit in the event there was a … Continue reading

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Give it away…

“How different would our life be were we truly able to trust that it multiplied in being given away!  How different would our life be if we could but believe that every little act of faithfulness, every gesture of love, every … Continue reading

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Wounded Hands

“And those who know the Ancient Star-Song watch with singing for the sign of footprints in the galaxies through which the tiny planet rides in routine cycles of despair. But Joy seldom sleeps for long, and someday in a lonely … Continue reading

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Childhood Sexual Abuse Respects No One

Imagine for a moment what the outcome for a child of a dysfunctional family like this one would be. “He was raised with an odd assortment of characters that seemed to have no clue about the emotional needs of a … Continue reading


Speak up for the little ones…

Current statistics are difficult to secure on this issue: “100,000 websites offer illegal child pornography” “20% of all Internet Pornography involves children” In December 2005 child pornography was a 3 billion dollar business” Child pornography requires by definition young children.  … Continue reading

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