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This morning it was reported that a 67 year old math teacher was fired for sexually molesting two boys over 30 years ago. The alleged incidents took place at an all boys college prep school in Phoenix, Arizona.  The police … Continue reading

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Where does it go from here?

It has been just two weeks and the Penn State story has faded from the headlines.  News cycles are about the moment.  They survive on sensationalism.  The allure of intrigue requires an endless stream of titillating 24 to48 hour stories.  … Continue reading

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Penn State could be a beginning…

Penn State is a mirror of the culture at large.  Penn State is a family.  In a family the adults have the responsibility for the protection and betterment of children or younger adults.  No different at an institution.  The adults … Continue reading

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The Light is Coming…Penn State the tip of the Iceberg

Jillian and I have been praying and expecting this day.  Once again, ambivalence hangs like a cloud over the country.  It is encouraging to see that the issue of sexual abuse is front and center as a result of the Penn State … Continue reading


Youth Pastor Arrested for Soliciting Sex with Children

Sexual Abuse and Internet Pornography is a rampant plague of evil that is interwoven throughout all of society.   The damage to the soul caused by sexual abuse and internet pornography if left unaddressed may incapacitate survivors for life  Fear of … Continue reading

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