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Hastert, Duggars, Jenner….ancient history…

See how this works.  Less than two weeks since the headlines read, “Josh Duggar molests sisters”… “Dennis Hastert pleads not guilty in child molestation case”… “Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner”. The entire nation is being manipulated by headlines and … Continue reading

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When these cases of sexual abuse come to light there is an underlying thread that weaves through all of the dialogue.  The word is mentioned but rarely addressed in any depth.  Without question perpetrators and survivors will go to incredible … Continue reading

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Kelly, Duggars, and Fox News answer the call…

I was wrong!  Hats Off, Kudos, YaHoo, Way to Go to Megan Kelly, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and Fox News for the courage to put on prime time the truth.  I wrote just this week that these stories rarely … Continue reading

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Bruce Jenner is not following the Law

I was fortunate to witness the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games in which Bruce Jenner ran away from the field in winning the Decathlon.  In an instant he was bestowed with the moniker, “The Greatest Athlete on Earth”.  He ran along … Continue reading

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Dennis Hastert Disconnected from Alma Mater in a Blink…

Here we go…a person’s lifelong body of work and accomplishment is dismissed immediately following an allegation of impropriety over forty years ago. As if everything that he has ever been done before or after is now illegitimate. His own Alma Mater … Continue reading

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