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The Horses are out of the barn…No going back…

The left is aggressively advocating for the sexual mutilation of children.  Will the voices of opposition in the leadership ranks of this country push back?  The last 50 years  demonstrates that the elites in leadership will not.  They will cowardly … Continue reading

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When these cases of sexual abuse come to light there is an underlying thread that weaves through all of the dialogue.  The word is mentioned but rarely addressed in any depth.  Without question perpetrators and survivors will go to incredible … Continue reading

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Dennis Hastert Disconnected from Alma Mater in a Blink…

Here we go…a person’s lifelong body of work and accomplishment is dismissed immediately following an allegation of impropriety over forty years ago. As if everything that he has ever been done before or after is now illegitimate. His own Alma Mater … Continue reading

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The Super Bowl of Evil…Sex Trafficking

It is estimated that over one million people will be in Phoenix for the Super Bowl. While those estimates will be accurate what will not be is the number of children and adults that will also be in Phoenix in … Continue reading

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“Behind Sorrow, There is always a soul”

I direct a non-profit ministry committed to addressing the silence that surrounds the epidemic of sexual abuse through awareness, training, and healing. In the years since we began we have seen the awareness piece gain momentum to where the media … Continue reading

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We are His Beloved

The recurring theme that underlies the devastation of childhood sexual abuse is shame. The initial trauma produces shame and communicates a lie that in time becomes a core belief. The belief is that I no longer have value or worth … Continue reading

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