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Life Is Not a Sprint…

3:15 am…Day 28…Life is a marathon…for sure. We have been in the hospital with Joree since May 1st.  She started stirring at 2:30 this morning waking me out of the light sleep of a hospital night.  I quickly noticed the … Continue reading

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My Kids are the Best

    I am so blessed.  What a gift to watch your children blossom and flourish.  The twenty years they spend in your care goes by so quickly and it isn’t until they are on their own and away that … Continue reading

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Living with an Angel

Staying in the hospital for an extended period of time as a patient is a challenging experience.  Nurses and doctors coming into your room every few hours to assess, poke, stick, and say, “if there is anything you need you … Continue reading

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Lying…Evil’s only weapon

The worldview of the people in the positions of power and learning currently believe that there are no absolutes that one can use to determine truth. Never mind their position is itself an absolute they proceed to make decisions that … Continue reading

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A Suffering Servant

It’s 1am.  The nurse just came in and woke Joree from a sound sleep to give her a breathing treatment.  Shortly after another nurse came in and pricks her finger to take a blood sample.  Shortly after that another nurse … Continue reading

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In the days following the Sandy Hook Massacre and through today there is a cry for the confiscation of guns to avoid a similar incident in the future. In taking this position the advocates appear to be resting their argument in … Continue reading

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A Hero

This is the 11th time Joree has faced a major surgery in her life.  Today she was stuck with needles a dozen times.  Yesterday they put in an IV line and a Pick line.  Two procedures no one would choose … Continue reading

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