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The King is Coming….

Israel is surrounded.  Hezbollah declares, “if Jordan is attacked missiles will rain down on Tel Aviv.”  Russian dissident scientist says, “there is still no hope for the future.”  China lands a jet fighter on their first air craft carrier in … Continue reading

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John Dewey Predicted an Obama Victory

If John Dewey were alive today he would he would pat himself on the back for predicting a Obama victory in the Presidential election.  John Dewey, a legendary education leader at the turn of the 20th Century and one of … Continue reading

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I hope He doesn’t remove His hand…

Once again the country has chosen to dismiss the Creator of our souls.  To support someone who views life with disdain and disrespect.  A leader who purposely chooses to serve creatures rather than the Creator.  Just a bit over half … Continue reading

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Whose Election is this…really?

Election Day 2012.  I am wondering how this day will unfold.  30 years ago this county answered this question.  Do you believe that what grows in a woman’s unterus is a human being?  It is a very simple yes or … Continue reading

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