The Light is Coming…Penn State the tip of the Iceberg

Jillian and I have been praying and expecting this day.  Once again, ambivalence hangs like a cloud over the country.  It is encouraging to see that the issue of sexual abuse is front and center as a result of the Penn State unveling,  but discouraging to learn of  the pain so many have experienced.

There is universal disgust in the media, on the street corner, and in coffee shops about the allegations against Jerry Sandusky, the Penn State Football program, and the University.  How could this happen?  What kind of person could do such a thing?  What is wrong with our world?

It is evil’s desire to destroy the glory of God.  This is pure evil and Penn State is the tip of the iceberg.  It is in every community and it has been forever.  Now, the shame is on a large platform and the question will be, are we going to address this seriously or not?

I had the honor to share my story on Family Life Radio the last three days nationwide.  Until last Sunday I have received very few inquires on our web site.  Today they  are streaming in and each story while different in location, is similar in consequence.  People suffering for years and years. Spouses, brothers, sisters and friends have lived liftetimes of silence and pain. The world has pretended the issue doesn’t exist.    Praise, God the truth is getting out.  There is hope for healing and the millions will start reaching out for help.

Unfortunately, the counseling community, the church community, and  community in general is not ready for what is coming.  Millions of survivors are going to begin to speak out.  Who is going to be there to pick up the pieces?  Jillian and I have been preparing and praying for this day to come.  We are here and ready but a literal drop in the ocean of the healing army that will be needed.  Pray for the work.  Tell your community that we are here to help. Have the courage to confront the evil.  Celebrate with us that the light is emerging from the tunnel.

You can hear the Family Life Interviews by going to  Please share them with your friends and communities.  Evil cannot win…

About Bill Harbeck

Founder and Director of Holding on to Hope Ministries. A non-profit work that helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse unveil their past and begin the healing process. Author of the book Shattered; One Man's Journey from Childhood Sexual Abuse
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3 Responses to The Light is Coming…Penn State the tip of the Iceberg

  1. Jack says:

    Based on what happened at Penn State, I posted this prayer, which I thought you might like.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog. My good friend and colleague where I teach at Moody Bible Institute is a survivor of sex abuse and just published a book on sex abuse titled “The Long Journey Home: Understanding and Ministering to the Sexually Abused.” His name is Dr. Andrew Schmutzer. I believe that it’s the first resource of its kind that is an interdisciplinary approach to sex abuse: theological, psychological and pastoral. Hope you find it useful!

    • Bill Harbeck says:

      Thank you so much Christopher. After your note some remarkable things began to happen. I saw Kurt Tillman (long time friend of mine) at Wheaton College and he talked about your friendship and book. On Sunday I met Pam MacCrae (a good long time friend of my sister) at church in Rockford and she encouraged me to pursue a connection with both you and Andrew. With Pam’s help I arranged a meeting with Andrew on Tuesday at Moody. I was able to read the chapter in Andrew’s book on SA and our meeting was blessed. I secured your book yesterday and read it through. A remarkable story of grace and redemption. I am not surprised by the movement of the Holy Spirit. I believe this is a movement and our Lord is gathering all the pieces and assembling the troops to battle the evil of Sexual Abuse and bring the word of hope with the truth of God’s love.

      Thank you for taking the moment to send along the note. I hope I have the opportunity to meet you someday. Thank you for all you are doing. Blessings

      Bill Harbeck

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