It’s all about control…

The hatred is now spilling into the streets.  The society is crumbling before our eyes, quickly. The anger that has been pent up for many years has turned to hatred.  What exactly is all this vitriol about?  Hatred for Donald Trump?  Outrage over police injustices?  A collective expectation of entitlement?  All of these and more.  What is at the core of this?  Is there hope that this will be resolved?

Three years ago I suggested that the hatred for Donald Trump is not toward him directly.  It is instead, a deep fear and hatred of absolute truth.  Absolute truth exemplified in Jesus Christ.  In a Divine creator of the universe and man.  People responded to my theory by questioning how I could call Donald Trump a Christian.  ( I never did.  I wrote that Donald Trump represents the worldview of those that hold to the sanctity of life.  Those that believe that there is a higher power.  Those that believe that Jesus Christ is the incarnation of the living God and that he brought, ironically, a message of  peace and love. 

At the core,  the rebellion is about the need to control.  Every human being from birth wrestles with two questions; Do you love me? and What can I get away with?  The first a deep and inner desire to affirm that I have value.  The second a determination to be in control.  I want to determine my outcome.  Where do these desires begin?  Therein lies the battle.  If you aspire to absolute truth, then it had to originate in someone outside of human existence. If you choose naturalism, then control is granted to every human being as he or she determines.

The United States experiment was designed by the founders to allow every citizen the freedom to be in control of their own destiny.  “All men are created equal with inalienable rights”.  With that freedom each person is granted the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. How does one argue with that founding principle?  By denying the premise, ignoring common sense, and using faulty reasoning to justify victimhood. Then it comes down to whose ideas will have superiority.

In the late 1800s, over a hundred years after the American experiment began, the elimination of God began systematically with the ideas of a few men. The ideas turned to systems of practice.  They then spread to the United States where for over 100 years now the worldview of Naturalism has been taught as the response to the burden of absolute truth. After all the years of indoctrination in the schools and institutions it has molded the  culture into its image and is spilling out into the streets in the form of anger, violence, and hatred.  All in the name of control.  Control of what?  Will these riots and calls for overthrowing the present system result in any beneficial change for the culture? 

Let’s say Donald Trump loses this November.  Will that solve the problem of anger?  Let’s suppose Donald Trump wins, will that solve the problem?  In 2024 will a new president have all the answers to reform the country into a peaceful utopia?  The outrage in the streets is not emanating from the leaders presently in place or in the future.   It has everything to do with man’s absolute desire to be in control.  The Socialist experiment is now going on one hundred and forty years.  The ideology is not about equality for all.  It has proven over the years in multiple arenas that it is about nothing but absolute control and it has failed every time. Instead of peace, love, and equality it morphs into a handful of people who have secured the most power, then determine exactly what the rest will do while eliminating any resistance to the few in charge.  Exactly what the founding fathers anticipated and knew could happen.

But at the core, is not rebellion against the system.  It is rebellion of the heart.  The deep desire to be in control.  The anger and violence is the outpouring from the heart of those rebelling that the dream of utopia on earth will never happen.  Deep inside every human is the understanding that they will never be in total control.  That something out there is truly determining man’s destiny. That’s why death is so frightening to today’s culture.  It is the ultimate enemy to a control freak.  It doesn’t matter the presenting issue, Black Lives Matter, Police brutality, White Privilege, Economic inequality, Corruption in government, Immigration, 2nd amendment rights, they are all symptoms of the temptation and desire for control. 

This is not gong to end well.  The American experiment may be the best human model ever designed with the best chance for peace and tranquility as a society.  It was designed with absolute truth as its principle foundation stone.  It recognized that there is a power outside of man that is in total control.  When a person or government chooses to ignore and or eliminate the reality of that truth you witness the Soviet Unions, the Cubas, and Venezuelas. The Vietnams, North Koreas, Cambodias, and Chinas.  Power and control is relegated to a few that wield it over the many with no moral compass.

In all the chaos, is the glimmer of truth.  It is just flickering now in our country.  But it will not be extinguished.  It is in the heart of millions.  It will never die.  Time has arrived for those who follow the truth to acknowledge that it will now be about courage.  It will take great courage to walk in the truth, to speak the truth, to live the truth.  It may come at great cost, but it will never be the wrong choice.  The Godman, Jesus, healed, loved, cared for the broken, spoke kindness, and showed  the way to love. He was hated, despised, and murdered. He said often, “You see how they hate me, I tell you they will hate those that follow me even more.” 

Man can’t conquer death. Jesus did.  For now, it is about surrender.  Not to the mob.  We must surrender our hearts to the truth that we will never be in control.  If and when that happens, peace and love will triumph. It demands courage.

About Bill Harbeck

Founder and Director of Holding on to Hope Ministries. A non-profit work that helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse unveil their past and begin the healing process. Author of the book Shattered; One Man's Journey from Childhood Sexual Abuse
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