Heading toward the Abyss

Progressivism and the consequences of moral relativism played themselves out in the public square last weekend.  The incident in Charlottesville and the response by critics of all that happened is at a fever pitch.

The rhetoric and hatred did not begin last Friday.  The country has been moving this direction for over a century.  How does a society survive if it eliminates the idea of an absolute authority?  History has proven the last one hundred and fifty years that outside of a common absolute authority  some groups can only maintain power at the end of a gun.  Communism is Marxism with a gun for the simple reason that Marxism/Socialism will never succeed in practice without forcefully suppressing any and all opposition.

In America the proponents of the failed ideas of socialism continue to indoctrinate the youth in schools and universities across the country.  Nearly 80 years of such teaching has produced a substantial number of loyal comrades believing that man has the wisdom to establish a system in which all men and women will live together equally from top to bottom.  Good will and the evolutionary goodness of man will rule the day. No higher power needed because man is ever moving toward true enlightenment.

The Progressives, allied with the Democratic party have secured significant sources of power and influence over the last thirty years. They are effective in managing public discourse and intimidating opposition rulers by shaming them into acquiescing to their positions.  The educational institutions have indoctrinated the masses, and the media is the delivery system used to spread the gospel of the movement. What is now unraveling before our eyes in real time, are the consequences of this repeatedly failed system of thinking.  It is progressing to one side working diligently to hold the moral high ground in the public discourse.  In order to maintain and control that ground, any and all detractors must be silenced, as they have not progressed to the enlightened stage of those moving forward.  Donald Trump is lifted as the leader of this movement and the move has been on since day one to discredit him and his followers as legitimate voices. There is no more time or need for debate. All detractors must be left behind while those who truly understand move forward. 

This country will deteriorate to the place where violence will rule the day with civil unrest. Any opposition to all enlightened ideas will need to be silenced in order for the progressive agenda to succeed. Every time socialism has been tried, it has failed. Millions have died, been imprisoned, or been subject to abuse and control.  The thread running through all these failures…mans desire to live without God.

America is headed directly into the abyss and insanity of moral relativism.  It is no longer a notion of the dangers of what the future may hold, it is here now.  The faithful may still be in the majority but given the intensity and hatred for them and what were once considered universal traditional values the erosion will escalate and the divide increase.  

I believe that in the majority of communities and towns across this country there continues to be people who treasure their families, who cooperate with and tolerate their neighbors, who faithfully support the authorities that lead their communities; in short, love this country that provides freedom for all to live as they choose in accordance with the laws of a power higher than man. These beliefs provide stability, security, and freedom.  These treasured values and traditions have demonstrated to the world that this country is the most compassionate and caring group of people ever assembled as a nation.

The true message of love, tolerance, and compassion still rests with those that recognize there is an absolute ruler.  We are nearing the place where only a concerted effort to recognize that true authority and return to it will avert the loss of the freedom we cherish so dearly.

About Bill Harbeck

Founder and Director of Holding on to Hope Ministries. A non-profit work that helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse unveil their past and begin the healing process. Author of the book Shattered; One Man's Journey from Childhood Sexual Abuse
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