TRUTH doesn’t need to riot, that’s why Jesus is so effective.  Here it is Easter week.  We remember and celebrate that the God of the Creation visited this planet in human form,  was brutally murdered, but then miraculously rose from the dead thereby bringing hope to all mankind. Easter Sunday morning is every human’s hope for eternity.

Recalling the Holy Weekend. On Friday there were hundreds of angry people gathered in the courtyard of the Roman Governor of Jerusalem making false accusations, yelling, mocking, inciting violence and calling for the death of one man.  He stood there quietly without responding to the lies and anger and the quieter he was ,the more the anger increased.  He posed no threat to anyone physically. However, his reputation was well known and growing.  He posed a threat.  He was upsetting the status quo and the mob wanted nothing to do with a man who claimed to be God.  That could just not be.  Every individual man or woman must have control of their own lives and destiny.  This man He posed must be eliminated.  Not with dialogue or discussion, but with violence.

This Easter Week in this country Trump is leading the news.  The mobs have gathered in the courtyard where there are accusations, false charges, and calls for removal because the man represents a threat to this current cultures belief that man is his own god. It’s not Trump. It is anyone that believes or represents the truth that God is in control and the final say in this world. Yes, the same God that stood in that courtyard 2000 years ago.  Every follower in this country and by default Trump poses a threat to mans rebellion.  The truth doesn’t breed violence and anger.  It is the bullies that have no answer  for Jesus that incite anger and violence. If opponents will not bend to their will then violence and intimidation  are the last means available to secure and maintain control.  The frustration for the bullies is the non-compliant. Christians and truth followers don’t succumb to threats and intimidation for the simple reason that truth has no fear.  In the end, truth will prevail.  It has since the creation and will continue until the King’s return.

Evil is panicking.  Since no-one knows when the Lord will return, there is an all out effort to accelerate the destruction of man.  Trump was in the way for a brief time politically and with his  representation of truth he joins the Christians in being the greatest threat and opposition to evil’s agenda. The preparation for the destruction of America that began one hundred years ago is playing out in real time.  Every phase of this country is collapsing and the final blow will be violence against those that stand in the way. It will not be truth that is violent.  It will be those incited by evil that must eliminate the opposition.  They are coming with anger, riots, intimidation and control.  

Remember the courtyard? Followers don’t need to respond with violent words or deeds.  The truth does not need that.  Jesus was quiet in the courtyard, but did not back down.  He said a few times, “If you think they hated me, just wait, they will hate you even more because of me.”  

Celebrate Easter with reverence, humility, and grace.  Do not return anger with anger…and stand.  Stand with the assurance Truth will reign.

Group of People Holding Cross and Praying in Back Lit

About Bill Harbeck

Founder and Director of Holding on to Hope Ministries. A non-profit work that helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse unveil their past and begin the healing process. Author of the book Shattered; One Man's Journey from Childhood Sexual Abuse
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