The Vladamirs are Colluding

I enjoy reading and connecting dots.  Some people call it making up conspiracy theories.  I am just an old PE teacher so I don’t qualify for the elite level thinker category.  Nevertheless, I enjoy speculating about what I believe and how it applies to the world around us.  It’s fun to put it on paper as well.

I believe that most people would agree that the Ukraine is in the top five most corrupt countries in the world.  It was part of the former atheistic communist Soviet Union, so the Ukraine worldview has nothing to do with freedom or democracy.  It is a nation governed by atheistic naturalists hell bent on controlling the people with fear and intimidation. Ukraine is in lock step with Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, Cuba and any other autocratic regime that acquiesces to a worldview of tyranny and total government control. 

So the question is, what in the world do we as a country have in common with Ukraine, and why are we sending billions of dollars to them without any accountability?  What is in our interest to provide more money to Ukraine than we do to our own Homeland Security budget?

Does anyone believe that Vladimir Zalensky can be trusted?  I posit that the two Vladimirs are working together.  I know it appears to make no sense on the surface, but step back a bit and ponder.  In order for globalists to succeed, the United States must be eliminated as the world  power.  The Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, have no interest in globalism ie., China’s record on ‘Global Warming”.  The communists also know that world domination is out of reach if they cannot eliminate the nuclear threats of the United States and Israel.  How then, can these nations eliminate the roadblocks to world wide tyranny?  Remove the US and Israel.

Presently, the United States is rapidly declining after 100 years of atheistic indoctrination in naturalistic science, psychology, and economics.  Culturally, the country is falling faster than ever in its history.  Along comes an opportunity for Communism (Russian/China) to further degrade and weaken the United States.  Recognizing that the present leadership is ideologically consistent with marxist and communist ideas and methods of reform, this is the right moment to accelerate the collapse.  Confusion and chaos, lead to regime change.  300,000 people we know nothing about have walked into the country unabated with no end in sight. The goal, destabilization of the economic infrastructure.  Law enforcement is targeted (BLM, Antifa, democratic part), to be replaced with a federalized law enforcement model.  

One year ago Russia invades the Ukraine.  Why? To restore the land to mother Russia? Why sacrifice over 100,000 troops, destroy the infrastructure of a country you would then have to restore with money you do not possess?  The Russian invasion is a distraction.  The two Vladimirs are colluding to bankrupt and weaken the United States both economically and militarily.  They are striking while the iron is hot. The United States is descending into chaos of its own making.  It is the moment to cripple it with no ability to retreat or recover.  Why wouldn’t Zalenskiy sign on to such a plan?  He is the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Notice, there is no video or media coverage of the war in Ukraine.  Viet Nam was on TV every night chronicling the death and destruction of an unpopular war.  Why are we not seeing images of the destruction in Ukraine?  Why will this war drag on until there is no turning back? And how do you suppose the Chinese are viewing all of this?  When will they seize the moment and invade Taiwan, and openly lend their support to the Russians?  When will the Ukraine “surrender” to the Russians and rejoin mother Russia?  I think very soon.

The goal?  Eliminate the United States and its influence and place in the world as the supreme economic and military power.    Eliminate the United States as a deterrent to world domination by atheistic, communist tyranny.  When that happens, the Ukrainians will join with the Russians, who will join with the Chinese, North Koreans, Pakistanis, and for good measure enlist the Muslim coalition of tyrannical theocracies to eliminate all countries that adhere to freedom and liberty, and most important any reference or allegiance to a being outside of man.  

The end of the age is right in front of our eyes, unfolding like never before.  Once the United States is eliminated, the powers will advance on Israel.  It’s right there in plain sight.  

Call me crazy.  The King is standing just outside the door.  And He is just about to turn the handle.  Be ready.


About Bill Harbeck

Founder and Director of Holding on to Hope Ministries. A non-profit work that helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse unveil their past and begin the healing process. Author of the book Shattered; One Man's Journey from Childhood Sexual Abuse
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