The Lying must go on…

Funny thing about lying.  It never wins.  

The level of lying going on in this country and around the world is breathtaking.  There is so much lying that attempting to navigate through a day given all the confusion is a frustrating and depressing exercise.

Lying has been the modus operandi from the beginning of time.  Lie number one.  You do not have to acknowledge that there is a God greater than you, you can be your own God.  That lie has never left us and is still the foundational lie that leads to all of the other lies.  

It seems that the lying has reached epic levels in the last hundred years.   Lies are meant to establish control.  Lies are given to deceive and gain advantage 

and always the end’s justify the means.  

But time does not end.  Therefore any lie will eventually be exposed and truth will win. Not only does lying deceive and confuse, it also carries grave consequences.  Just look at the current condition of this country.

Imagine if this coming fall, five men who claim to be women, enroll at the UCLA and try out for the women’s basketball team.  They were all high school All Americans.  The NCAA, which has approved and endorsed the practice of men competing as women, will proceed to dominate and win the Women’s NCAA championship.

Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian Disinformation. Hunter Biden never met the woman with whom he bore a child. 

The Coronavirus will kill millions worldwide. 

Man is influencing weather patterns that will destroy the planet. 

The United States is a systematically racist country and all white males are supremacists. The NBA and NFL are shining examples. 

This country is so racist, that we must open the borders to allow anyone and everyone to enter.

Vladimir Putin declared at a rally with required attendance, that Russia is attacking Ukraine, to emancipate the Ukrainians from their tyrannical leaders.

USA Today named a man as the woman of the year.

Gas prices and inflation are Vladimir Putins fault.

Tony Faucci is an expert.

Leftism cannot, does not, and never will speak truth.  The whole ideology is based on the original lie that man can control his destiny.

Lies cannot stand alone.  Therefore an ever increasing number of lies must be created to cover the first lie and to perpetuate change to meet the needs of the liars.   It’s unending and it only succeeds when the liars are in a position of power where the lies can be managed.  When the liars lose power, truth is spoken and it stands alone.  It is why leftists, Marxists, Progressives, Democrats will do anything and everything (ends justifies the means) in order to possess the power to lie.  

The truth is brief and it is powerful.  There doesn’t have to be new truth.  Truth rules the day.  The world is burning.  Russian, China, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Cuba, and more are all liars.   They are all aligning against truth.  What truth?  The truth that there is a God.  That God created the world.  Man is sinful.  Man is disobedient in his heart.  Man cannot rescue himself from eternal damnation.  The World system, man’s sinful nature, and satan are trying to eliminate truth.  Eliminate Israel and the Christian World.  The lies are the means to attempt to destroy truth.

Great thing about the truth of God.  It will never lose.  Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life.  Eternal life goes through me.  Try all you wish to lie a way to control.  It will never happen.  It is discouraging and frustrating to live in a world of lies.  It hinders hope.  Take heart.  Hold on to the truth with all you have.  You will never lose.

About Bill Harbeck

Founder and Director of Holding on to Hope Ministries. A non-profit work that helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse unveil their past and begin the healing process. Author of the book Shattered; One Man's Journey from Childhood Sexual Abuse
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