Patience? There is no time for patience…

Whoever is behind the progressive, leftist, Marxist ideology appears to have lost their patience with the progress of the movement.  Could it be George Soros?  He is 91 years old and death is imminent.  Everyone knows he leads a band of evil cronies with billions of dollars.  The cult has been using the Marxist ideology of the dialectic confident that with time they would gain control of the academic institutions and change the thinking of the masses.  They have been at it for 80 years and they have won that battle.  America’s institutions are totally Marxist leftists.

In recent years the Soros army has been infiltrating the justice system again with a slow methodical takeover of the inside.  Known better as the deep state, it continues to systematically hijack  control and influence over the justice and law enforcement cultures of the country.   Examples; the Soros instilled Attorney Generals;  Fox in Chicago, Gascon in Los Angeles, Krasner in Philadelphia and dozens of others in key cities.  These gestapo leaders have eager subordinates all in lock step and funded by the Soros machine. The allegiance goes to the top as Attorney General Merritt Garland demonstrated with his latest attack on parents desiring to use the first amendment to confront the entrenched minions on school boards across the country.

Soros is so filled with hate he wants to see this dream of a new Totalitarian America before he faces his maker.  His ideology doesn’t provide for a maker so maybe the little voice inside him that he can’t escape is getting louder and louder as the end nears.  Adding fire to his hatred is that he sees his beloved Hungary turning into the new America.  

What about the Clintons? Do they still have any influence on policy making? Bill may be on the verge of dementia.  Hillary just a year or so from a walker is still cackling about her place in the revolution.  But her time is running out like Soros. The only way for her to rise to any level of power would have to be by force. It’s pretty clear any influence in the movement would be just a conciliatory acknowledgment by those with the real power as a respectful payback for her and Bill’s contribution to the cause.

Indeed Soros is still a commanding presence in the movement. How about Obama?  In his first inaugural address he stated boldly that this election was about the fundamental transformation of America.  Obama, himself, a product of the indoctrination machine uses the dialectic model to put in place ideas and polices that are not popular with the majority, but just quite radical enough shift the foundation and lay the groundwork for future change.  Border policies, energy policies, health care policies, tax policies, all methodically set in place took all eight years to gain hold and develop momentum.  The surrender of the middle class, the violence in the streets from racial discord, the rise of a small group of wealthy Totalitarian sympathizers  are all coming home to roost.

Everything was going according to plan with the transformation until the dreaded Donal Trump threw a huge wrench into the machine. Trump exposed the inner and outer workings of the leftist movement and the deep state to the light.  Many of the roaches ran for cover, most hid behind the corporate state media, but all worked in coordination to eliminate the Trump threat to the empire.  The question remains, did Trump do significant enough damage to thwart the revolution, or was he just a bump in the road, a pause in the dialectic? 

Enter Joe Biden.  It is clear to anyone that understands human nature and behavior that Joe Biden is not running the revolution. He is clearly in declining health and literal puppet for those making the calls.  He does not have nor understand Marxist ideology.  He is an old school democrat liberal politician.  He understands the methods and practices of lying, and the ends justices the means but he is much better at the ins and outs of using political corruption to his personal benefit.  He is in no way up to the task of leading and or coordinating an insurrection against the status quo.  Given that Trump slowed the progress, and given that Soros and the Clinton’s are aging out in influence and power.  It seems clear that Obama is calling the shots in the present administration. 

The entire movement is in lock step with each other. Just listen to the press releases, the news reporting and academic and cultural allies.  They are all identical, literally word for word. .  Soros, the corporate Big Techs, the state media mimic each other daily with coordinated, identical, and directed talking points.  The congress at this point is irrelevant.  The democrats are in lock step so they can be reelected and hold power.  The Republicans are spineless and make statements they know carry no weight but assure their reelection as well.  The Democratic governors show their allegiance by attempting to enforce mandate policies that demonstrate nothing but the desire to maintain control over their constituents. It surfaced this week that Mark Zuckerberg poured billions into corrupting the election process across the country. The examples are endless and thrust upon us daily.  The speed at which the transformation is being imposed is breathtaking and alarming

If you were a conspiracy theorist, you would connect all the dots and identify all the players as part of a centralized effort to eliminate the current state and replace it with…what?  Well, it appears to be Totalitarianism, but they would never voice that directly because until now, they understood that the majority of the country is not ready for that…yet. Trump agitated and threatened the left’s progress and thus have abandoned the practice of slowly and methodically gaining power waiting for the right moment to pounce.  The Obama agenda is being accelerated seemingly in fear that this may be their last or only shot at gaining the upper hand.  The old school Marxists would move gradually knowing that time is the key to change.  But look what’s happening.  The Southern Border is completely open with no attempt whatsoever to slow down or stop the illegal immigration begun by Obama.  Countless physical evidence is documented daily on live broadcasts and Obama, Biden and the left deny it is happening.  Lying about what is in plain sight to everyone.  Lie after lie after lie with no conscience whatsoever.

Gas prices have increased 45% over a year ago.  An intentional move by the left to burden small business and create chaos in the economy. Biden as the puppeteer eliminated all the gains made by the energy sector that led us out of energy dependence and cleared the way for a very bright future that would also include the development of new technologies concurrently.  

Inflation will sky rocketing.  Trade is stalling with ships and trains sitting in ports as the supply chains grind to a halt.  Violence is erupting in every major city as the left seeks to eliminate law enforcement.  Long standing cultural norms eclipse common sense with insane ideas of gender and the desperate desire to hold onto abortion as a right at any time during pregnancy.  The list goes on with the latest power grab being a completely insane use of perceived pandemic to change the balance of power away from people to the state.  99% recovery rate is all one needs to know that this is a manufactured crisis designed to  elevate authority and the takeover by Totalitarians. 

On the Foreign Policy front, Obama and Susan Rice once again have abandoned Israel, are working to reinsert Iran as a power player, treat China as a competitor instead of the enemy, and demonstrate disdain for the military.  General Mark Goering Milley exposed that the military is loyal to the master plan for redefining and transforming the Armed Forces. The total failure in Afghanistan was not an accident.  

Obama, Soros, The Clintons, the Corporate Left, State sponsored Media, Big Tech, Academia, the allies in state governments, and the hundreds maybe thousands in the Deep State have all been given their marching orders.  It’s go time.  There is just a two year window to finish the job.  It’s hyperdrive time, full speed ahead, disregard truth or any evidence of the truth.  This can’t be kept a covert operation anymore, the cat is out of the bag. In just nine months, look at the speed of the transformation.  Look at the destruction already caused and the portent of what is coming. 

The hope is now that Soros, Obama, and all the allies have pulled the trigger too early.  The truth is never defeated.  There is no time limit on truth.   Lying on the other hand requires enormous energy in order to account for the unending effort to manage and control the narrative. But, there is no caution being shown worrying about consequences of lying. It’s a new lie everyday.  It is tiresome for those that know truth, it must be even more exhausting for those that work to keep the deception going.

With the acceleration of the leftists in the open and a no turning back strategy will it be too late for the lovers of freedom and truth to push back enough?  There are signs of uprisings at the peoples level.  School boards are being challenged.  Patriot loving candidates are emerging to replace those in legislative positions.  But that is old school.  That takes time and the left has no desire to use the present system anymore.  They have struck out on the final push to overtake this once great land.

I am in the older generation.  I have seen this develop for sixty years now.  I pray God grants his followers protection in the coming days.  I pray the followers of the Lord and King seize on these moments to embrace and proclaim the truth.  The truth will never fail, will never change, and will never disappoint. Leftism is evil.  Evil desires to destroy the glory of God.  Man is sinful and deserves death.  Our Lord is returning soon.  Speak the truth everyday no matter the cost.

“Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life.  No man may come to the father except through me…

One day, every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus is the Christ to the glory of God.”  

It will never change, it is our hope, come quickly Lord Jesus

About Bill Harbeck

Founder and Director of Holding on to Hope Ministries. A non-profit work that helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse unveil their past and begin the healing process. Author of the book Shattered; One Man's Journey from Childhood Sexual Abuse
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