I wrote on June 17, 2017 that the extreme hatred for Donald Trump was not actually directed at him but at what he represents. Hate Trump…Hate You…The statement and entry elicited the most responses I have ever received.  I don’t get too many.  Three years later the hatred has escalated.  Every moment of every day there is a systematic campaign both verbally and with physical violence to overthrow the status quo.  It’s not TRUMP.  He is the stand in for the symbol of absolute truth.  If he is elected in November, this hatred will not cease.  The violence will not quell.  If he is not elected, the hatred will not cease, the violence not quell. It is not Trump they are after.  It is absolute truth and the followers of absolute truth are next. The growing suppression of churches and religious freedom is not a fallacy.

The hatred is not isolated to the United States.  Hatred is worldwide.  Much of it is directed toward the little country of Israel. What stands between the world and the desire to destroy Israel?   Simple like Trump, Israel mirrors Absolute Truth.  To be free to rule the world the very idea that there is something beyond man that controls the universe must be destroyed.  As long as the United States exists as the most powerful nation on the planet, and  is tied to Israel,  Israel will be saved from attempted destruction.

The Chinese are emerging very quickly.  Good chance they started the virus.  They have been successfully spying on the world for decades.  They have enticed the United States to enter their lair with the promise of great financial wealth.  They declare that they have the world’s best interest in mind.  But in their way of world domination and the destruction of Israel stands one obstacle, the United States and absolute truth.  Trump just happens to be in the White House presently.  If he is reelected the hatred will escalate.  If someone else is elected the hatred will escalate.  The world is not going to stop hating Israel.  To eliminate Israel the United States must be removed.

For over 100 years this nation’s treasured values has been dismantled systematically through the education system.  The Founding principle of the nation that all men are created equal by God’ has been replaced with personal rights and feelings.  The Chinese and the world have been given the gift they could never have manufactured, self-destruction.  The Chinese are impatient as are the detractors in this country.  Both have accelerated  the pace toward either destruction or takeover.

When the United States falls, the door will be open to finally destroy the source of Absolute Truth.  The dreaded Jews.  Is there any stopping this?  Will the destruction of the United States and world domination by China bring peace and tranquility to the entire planet?  Will the destruction of Israel finally allow the world to approach Utopia?  Of course not.  What it will do is usher in the reign of the Kingdom of Jesus.  Israel will never be destroyed.  Jesus promised his return to establish a Kingdom of glory.  Just writing these words I can hear the laughter, the mocking and the ridicule of the very idea by those committed to secularism. Jesus warned us of this time when he said,  “If you think they hated me, just wait, they will hate you even more”.

It is going to require courage.  Lots of courage and it may be soon.  Followers, don’t lose heart.  Don’t be afraid.  The King is coming.

Cross and Clouds

About Bill Harbeck

Founder and Director of Holding on to Hope Ministries. A non-profit work that helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse unveil their past and begin the healing process. Author of the book Shattered; One Man's Journey from Childhood Sexual Abuse
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