We can’t not know that it is wrong!

January 22, 1973. Forty five and a half years ago I was a senior in high school when the Supreme Court Decided 7-2 that the law in Texas banning abortion was unconstitutional thereby legalizing the procedure across America.  I was only eighteen at the time but I knew then in my heart and soul what every person on this planet knows in their hearts and souls; no one can not know that killing another human being is wrong. That day the culture began to drift into insanity.

After years and years of attempting to defend insanity once again the issue has raced to the forefront and insanity is on display for all to see.  On television for all to see today an activist declares at the conclusion of an impassioned speech supporting abortion, “God Bless Abortion and God Bless America”.  Marches, protests, insane rhetoric declaring that the end of the right to kill is under assault.  No one cannot know that it is wrong to kill and innocent human being and yet to the streets and airwaves go those demanding the right continue.

Think what it takes to justify killing an innocent child.  Because we can’t not know that it is wrong to deliberately kill human beings, as J Budziszewski points out there are four options.  “We must deny that the act is deliberate or we must deny that it kills.  Third we must deny that its victims are human, or fourth deny that wrong must not be done.” The last option is literally nonsense.  That something must not be done is what it means for it to be wrong; to deny that wrong may not be done is merely to say “wrong is not wrong”, or “what must not be done may be done.”  The first option doesn’t work.  Abortion just doesn’t happen it must be performed.  The supporters not only admit there is a “choice,” they boast of it.  Ultrasound has eliminated option two as now you can see the baby kicking, sucking their thumbs, doing somersaults.  They are very much alive. The only option left is number three: to deny the humanity of the victims.  But that goes completely against biology which tells us that from conception onward the child is a human just like the rest of us.

For forty five years I have listened to the abortion advocates and I have yet to hear any of them answer the question they cannot not know.  Is abortion the taking of an innocent human life? They will not answer that question.  A woman has a right to her body.  There are extenuating circumstances where abortion is justified.  The government has no right telling a woman what she can or cannot do.  This is to save children from the horrible world of economic hardship.  This is to eliminate children that may be born with disabilities and not have quality of life.  On and on it goes but never the answer to the question.  Is it wrong to kill and innocent life?  Why will no-one answer this question?

Because in every human beings heart is that still small voice that says, “You can’t not know that it is wrong to kill an innocent human life.” And so one must deny that voice exists and search for some way to silence it.  The culture continues to sink into complete insanity.  As Budziszewski so wisely points out.  “The conscience will have its revenge.”  It can only be denied for so long.  In the meantime there will be more stupid statements, more nefarious justifications for murder, more clamoring for the protection of immorality.  I pray we can slow down the loss of over 70 million of our fellow citizens the last 45 years. We all know in our hearts it would be the right thing to do.

About Bill Harbeck

Founder and Director of Holding on to Hope Ministries. A non-profit work that helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse unveil their past and begin the healing process. Author of the book Shattered; One Man's Journey from Childhood Sexual Abuse
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