What exactly is a Bi-Sexual Governor?

kate-brown-ap_635x250_1423872776I am confused by the latest headline that Oregon now has the first bi-sexual governor. Is being  Bi-Sexual a specific gender? I understand the historical movement of the last forty years toward classifying a homosexual person as either gay or lesbian. Is bi-sexuality a legitimate member of the camp? (One can add the term transgender as well in that regard.) Does bi-sexuality and transgender match the criteria of gay and lesbian to accurately allow for it to be a part of the group; LGBT classification?

Since the emergence of homosexual behavior into the public arena of discussion, the desire of the community is to de-emphasize the attention given to sexual behavior as the criteria that defines a person. Rather, person hood is determined by  inherent nature not behaviors people engage in. Using this logic it then follows that sexual activity is the natural outpouring of the love a couple naturally feels for one another in any given moment.   This being consistent for all loving couples.

The culture has moved significantly from the history of silence on this issue. Gay and Lesbian are the accepted terms used  in public discourse replacing the terms gender orientation and homosexuality. The debate will continue in the arena of ideas. Is a person  gay or lesbian by heredity and therefore sexual behavior between same-sex couples may be outside their control, or, is it chosen behavior driven by natural passions of nature?

The LG community desires affirmation.  In that desire it has welcomed other groups into the camp. Are the groups consistent with the definition and or expectations of the LG community, or is their inclusion for other motives?  It creates a logical conundrum.

What is bi-sexuality’s place in the discussion?  Is a given person born with the characteristics and tendency toward being a bisexual being? Is it something that through gene distribution, compels a person to be attracted to both sexes?  If true, that position provides consistency to the argument for a collective identity of LGBT persons. However, it also allows for the expansion of the LGBT tent of inclusion.

This is where the discussion gets murky. To remain consistent with the logic, any sexual activity between loving couples is legitimate and deserves inclusion in the tent. A mature male adult has strong feelings and desires for adolescent boys outside his control. Should he receive a legitimate label of MB; a man with strong feelings for an adolescent boy? Or MG, a man with feelings toward an adolescent girl. How about WB; a mature woman emotionally connected by nature to adolescent boys. MLB; a man overwhelmed with feelings he identifies as his true soul for a boy under age 10. Polygamy has had a distinction for millennium and therefore deserves inclusion in the tent. Consistency then argues that the moniker LGBT be expanded. LGBT,MB,MGM,LBM,LGP,POLY, ad-infinitum.

The absurdity of the exercise returns one to the issue of celebrating the bi-sexual governor. Will the culture one day celebrate the first Polygamist governor? Or the first MB governor? Will the LGBT community expand the tent of inclusion to allow for any group that identifies its members as deriving their validity from heredity and or feelings? Will the LGBT community discriminate against groups that wish to be identified and included with them? What will be the LGBT response to outsiders of the community be, that will justify intolerance?

Same sex attraction is real. Polygamy is real. Physical attraction to young boys and girls is real. Desire for group sex is real. The desire for violent sex is real. Married men and women are sexually attracted to other men and or women. People physically desire animals. Fathers and mothers are physically attracted to their children. Governors desire sexual pleasures with both men and women. Which ones owe their heritage to heredity and which ones don’t, and why?

All of these behaviors exist in this world. Can the culture determine which ones are legitimate and which ones are not? Who is the culture? Who is making the decisions to celebrate the arrival of the first bi-sexual governor? Is or will the LGBT community be inconsistent in their platform? Are those that hold heterosexual views as absolute illegitimate? Who determines the playing field?  These are all valid questions that deserve inclusion in the public discussion. Will the arena allow for such a discussion? Where will the discussion take place?

Presently, confusion reigns. Let’s hope for clarity.

About Bill Harbeck

Founder and Director of Holding on to Hope Ministries. A non-profit work that helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse unveil their past and begin the healing process. Author of the book Shattered; One Man's Journey from Childhood Sexual Abuse
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