Hope in Albany

Albany Trip 2013

What a weekend!  Jillian, Joree, and I shared an experience with fellow travelers in Clifton Park, New York that will rank as one of the great times of our journey with Holding on to Hope Ministries.  It was the first full weekend of this type and I know there are more to come.

Daniel Johnson, the worship leader at Grace Chapel and his wife Kim coordinated the weekend.  On Friday evening, Daniel shared his story along with our good friend Christa Jan Ryan. Their honesty and transparency set the stage for the entire weekend.  Daniel and Kim chose music that helped everyone enter into the depth of the issue of sexual abuse with ease and peace.

As Saturday unfolded it became clear how offering opportunity for survivors to hear others speak in turn empowered them to share their stories.  It was truly a blessing to witness.  Jillian and Joree capped the day off sharing from the heart in music the benefit of dependence on our Lord.  We have been dreaming and praying for this for a long time, and our Lord is so kind to allow us to serve in His story.  It was special.

Many thanks to Dom and Jo Massaro for all their work in making the weekend such a success.  Their hospitality was a gift and Jillian and I look forward to working and sharing with them again in the years ahead.

Aslan is moving in the North East and we will return to Agawam, Massachusetts November 9th at Bethany Assembly of God for another seminar.  We are trusting that more opportunities will open in the year ahead to share the good news of hope for healing from sexual abuse and shame.  Pray for open doors and healed hearts.

Blessings to all…

About Bill Harbeck

Founder and Director of Holding on to Hope Ministries. A non-profit work that helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse unveil their past and begin the healing process. Author of the book Shattered; One Man's Journey from Childhood Sexual Abuse
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